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IT that works for you always and everywhere

Work more productively with simple IT. This is the core vision for IT company Avantage from Rotterdam. The company believes that IT should work for you at all times and everywhere. And we at Sprank believe that you can only achieve this for each other from an office environment that works better for everyone. A good starting point for this job.

Frank Overhand is the owner of Avantage and has an interesting, thoughtful vision when it comes to the company's growth. Offices will have a different function in the future, just like houses, he believes. We go back to the past. At Avantage, we don't talk about functions, but about roles. They change throughout the day. Just like the need for the types of places you work is constantly changing. Avantage distinguishes seven core activities in these roles: receiving, meeting, surrounding, discussing, paying attention, solving and relaxing. "The seven o's!”

In order to achieve this, Avantage has moved from an industrial area to a place in the middle of the city, on the Blaak in Rotterdam. Sprank further elaborated the basic design for this new working environment into an interior design that fits Avantage. We came up with various concepts that took shape in all kinds of work forms. For example, there were game rooms, stand-up slabs, sit-stand workplaces and team rooms.
Pioneers from the IT sector were the inspiration behind these themes. In addition, we not only gave place to well-known names such as Steve Jobs (now part of the office at Avantage where, naturally, you can find an apple as part of the interior) and Bill Gates (in a glass office). Less obvious pioneers such as Tim Berners Lee (the man who came up with .com) are now also part of Avantage.

Main wishes

  • A working environment that reinforces and supports the core competencies for Avantage employees
  • The craziest office in Rotterdam
  • Translate the basic design to an Avantage look and feel
  • Designing themes for the meeting rooms
  • Good ergonomic seats for employees that also look good
  • Process IT applications (such as AV) in the design

The result

A stunning, super inspiring working environment in which the spirit of special IT pioneers resonates.

In short


  • We mostly want to know why new accommodation, refurbishment or transformation of the office is necessary, and what the benefits have to be for the people, the company and the customers.


  • The first image formation gives an impression of a new interior, the office design, working methods and the atmosphere.
Sprank molen


  • If you are pleasantly surprised, we will refine the design: we'll align colours and materials, and develop technical drawings and interior design.


  • We supervise construction and interior design, so that we can commission the project in a usable form. We work hard to always honour our agreements.
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