Grafisch Lyceum/Rotterdam

The Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam is the professional institution in the Netherlands for innovative education (MBO and VMBO) in the field of media, design and technology. We were instructed by this training institute to create a central square with meeting places at their renovated main building near the Hofplein.

Initially the question was simple: whether Sprank could deliver the furniture for the meeting places. We devised a concept around this question where not so much the furniture itself, but rather its function, became the guiding principle. We tried to think the way students think. So we actually went more in a direction that didn't 100% correspond with what was asked. This of course could turn out to be good or bad. But, at Sprank, we believe that if you really support something, think that it's the best option and can explain this well, then the customer will often also see it. This happened with the Grafisch Lyceum as well -- our idea was enthusiastically received.

We made a piece of furniture that can actually be drawn on. We also supplied a lot of custom work that could be used intensively, which is generally the case at a school. And of course we didn't miss the opportunity to work with students with a graphic design background. We devised a design competition in which the students were allowed to design their own space. The results are spectacular.

Main wishes

  • Designing and creating meeting places for students
  • Delivery of the furniture
  • Products that have a unique and creative character
  • Products and materials that invite collaboration
  • Use materials and constructions able to withstand intensive use

The result

A central square with meeting places that clearly shows the students' own signatures.

In short


  • We mostly want to know why new accommodation, refurbishment or transformation of the office is necessary, and what the benefits have to be for the people, the company and the customers.


  • The first image formation gives an impression of a new interior, the office design, working methods and the atmosphere.
Sprank molen


  • If you are pleasantly surprised, we will refine the design: we'll align colours and materials, and develop technical drawings and interior design.


  • We supervise construction and interior design, so that we can commission the project in a usable form. We work hard to always honour our agreements.
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