LMC Vakcollege (trade school)/Rotterdam

Tailor-made moving and learning!

After years of preparation, this Noordrand College in Rotterdam finally received municipal approval for a new construction on the Argonautenweg. We were asked to participate in a contract for the design of the auditorium with lounge area and the staff room of this vocational secondary school. Noordland College wanted to create a small-scale, challenging and inspiring learning environment. The new name of the school - Vak College Hilligersberg (Hilligersberg Trade School) - also needed to be prominently displayed in the new building.

We are extremely proud that we won the contract. A school is of course used intensively. And that requires specific insights. We looked around for what really inspires students and found that we should come up with something other than just chairs and tables, so we created a feature that the students could climb, stand, sit on, or whatever they want. And the furniture had to be easy to move, which would make it easier for the concierges at the school. The special bicycle furniture also called for a lot of use; after all, Vak College Hilligersberg is a sports school. "Do it! Move it!" is the school's motto. And you can see and feel that in the interior.

We incorporated the shape of the building into a seating arrangement for the students, with a meter-high tree in the middle. It has become a place where the students can get rid of some energy, but also where they can just chill out on beanbags or work together on a project on the long work table with benches in the lounge.

An inspiring environment has also been created for the teachers. They were given a room where they not only can work in peace behind their PCs, but also a living room and a long table where they can have lunch together.


Main wishes

  • A neutral basis with honest materials
  • Use of house colours orange and blue
  • Suitable for approximately 350 VMBO students
  • Using the architecture of the building as a starting point for the interior
  • Creating a living room for the teachers
  • A place where teachers can work in peace

The result

A small-scale, challenging and inspiring learning environment in which students not only can get rid of some energy, but can also work together in a concentrated way.

In short


  • We mostly want to know why new accommodation, refurbishment or transformation of the office is necessary, and what the benefits have to be for the people, the company and the customers.


  • The first image formation gives an impression of a new interior, the office design, working methods and the atmosphere.
Sprank molen


  • If you are pleasantly surprised, we will refine the design: we'll align colours and materials, and develop technical drawings and interior design.


  • We supervise construction and interior design, so that we can commission the project in a usable form. We work hard to always honour our agreements.

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