Van Oordt the protion company

The largest in small portion packs

Founded in 1734 by Hendrik van Oordt, the company is a full service supplier and has grown into one of the largest producers of portion packaging in Europe. The ambition is to make all food moments at home and outside the home even more valuable with well thought-out, ready-to-use portion packaging, which required an office landscape that supports this ambition.

The new interior must radiate the feeling of hospitality, show that Van Oordt understands their customers' world like no other, create a working environment in which hygiene, efficiency, convenience, communication and experience are paramount. To achieve this, it was decided to thoroughly renovate the entire office, to design a new office landscape and to give shape to the sustainability ambitions.

We have translated these wishes and ambitions into an office landscape in which a lot of attention has been paid to the office climate, room acoustics, lighting and heat protection.
In order to design the most optimal working environment, we conducted interviews with representatives of all departments, management and directors and worked this out from a functional layout to a total design. The “look and feel” was determined in close cooperation with the marketing department. The preliminary design was presented to the staff and the final design was then made with the feedback.

Various spaces
In addition to the, almost self-evident, electrically adjustable sit-stand desks, there are various types of meeting rooms; formal and informal, break out areas, warm up and cool down areas for preparing or discussing meetings, reception area. Much attention has been paid to the styling of the office in order to give the working environment its own look that suits Van Oordt.

Main Wishes

  • A modern working environment that matches the ambition
  • A hospitality appearance
  • An office with a good indoor climate
  • Various work area for co creating
  • Bringing production and office workers together
  • A modern conference center

The result

An office landscape for Always bringing a little extra

In short


  • We mostly want to know why new accommodation, refurbishment or transformation of the office is necessary, and what the benefits have to be for the people, the company and the customers.


  • The first image formation gives an impression of a new interior, the office design, working methods and the atmosphere.
Sprank molen


  • If you are pleasantly surprised, we will refine the design: we'll align colours and materials, and develop technical drawings and interior design.


  • We supervise construction and interior design, so that we can commission the project in a usable form. We work hard to always honour our agreements.

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