You want to honor such a beautiful history.

The VVV in 's-Hertogenbosch is located in the 'de Moriaan' building. It is one of the oldest brick houses in the Netherlands, which, according to local legend, had already been built in 1220. The building was completely renovated, after which Sprank was allowed to supply the furniture for the tourist office on the first floor.

In association with

You want to honour such a beautiful history. And that was precisely the challenge for us when we were asked to supply the furniture for this special building. In consultation with the architect, we made a proposal for the work spaces, boardroom, meeting room and lunchroom. The furniture that we chose has a sleek shape, which does justice to the authentic details of the building.

It was a great honour for Sprank to be allowed to work in such a special building with such a long history. For the Morian alone, Den Bosch is worth a visit.

Main wishes

  • Bringing authentic elements back to life
  • Renovated work spaces, boardroom, meeting room and lunchroom
  • No exuberant use of colour
  • Attention to good work space lighting
  • Plenty of cupboard space in the work space
  • An intimate boardroom in the metre-high space

In short


  • We mostly want to know why new accommodation, refurbishment or transformation of the office is necessary, and what the benefits have to be for the people, the company and the customers.


  • The first image formation gives an impression of a new interior, the office design, working methods and the atmosphere.
Sprank molen


  • If you are pleasantly surprised, we will refine the design: we'll align colours and materials, and develop technical drawings and interior design.


  • We supervise construction and interior design, so that we can commission the project in a usable form. We work hard to always honour our agreements.
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