A new way of working anno 2020

For us, this doesn't necessarily mean that employees have to work according to the flex-time principle, but that we can help in facilitating this. We want to give them the opportunity to work either at home or at the office so there must be spaces available in the office where certain activities can best be carried out. This can be behind a desk, but also in a living room setting, or in a grand café atmosphere. The layout is different for each workspace, so the nature of the discussion can be influenced or people can be 'activated' or inspired more during a session. With an office garden as a library space you can work together in silence, but consultations, making calls, etc. would not be a good idea.

People are not all the same and we don't all want to relax, party and work in the same way. In this way, employees can choose a space that best suits themselves and the work that needs to be performed.

Free choice of workspot
Ideal workspot
Diversity of workspots
Concentration, Co-creation


Create a campus, where all kinds of facilities are available for employees to make things easier for them. Think of a dry cleaner, tailor or shoe repair collection service, pick up point for webshop packages, sports facilities, yoga room, an area for an afternoon nap, and healthy food during lunch.

These things reinforce the "we" feeling, making people feel proud of the company they work for. A form of advertising that ensures that the best talents will want to work for you.

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