The impact of green on you

"Investing in plants for an office space is definitely worth it because the employees' quality of life and productivity will be increased, "says Marlon Nieuwenhuis, principal investigator of the Cardiff University School of Psychology, based on her scientific research. This study took into account variables such as age and work pressure.

Reason enough to list the four biggest, scientifically proven benefits of going green at the office:

Franklin Offshore is housed in a huge, former shipbuilding warehouse in the port area of Rotterdam. How can you create an intimate atmosphere in such a gigantic hall without it looking fussy? The answer: green. Because green is as soft as it is tough; gives energy and peace.

Improves concentration and memory
Less stress
Less absenteeism
Less depression

Nature takes over, the city withdraws

Floor covering, inspired by natural colours and ground surface area. A river bed, forest land or ocean floor have been translated into carpet.

Urban Retreat planks


A green wall gives an extra dimension to a space. Different plants and natural shades of green ensure a beautiful unity and give it a special appearance.

Gedroogd mos

Mos is een perfect materiaal om de akoestiek te verbeteren en zorgt voor een bijzondere sfeer in een werkomgeving.

Levende planten

Automatic watering ensures ease of maintenance.

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